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Technical Services - Heat Shields

Based on an estimated reduction of steam consumption of around 4 – 6% we believe the cost of the installation can be fully recovered in less than 12 months.

There are also inspection facilities built in for access to the man way and head/journal bolting and also a facility to allow tilt readings without the need to remove the shields or modify the tilt gauge.

Our design is bespoke to each Yankee and requires an on site inspection for measurements prior to design because of this. It incorporates stainless steel shields with waterproof insulation encapsulated in a mesh to reduce the weight. Conventional materials such as Rockwool / Fibreglass can absorb water from steam leaks behind the shields and if not fully encapsulated the insulation can be thrown outwards creating imbalance of the Yankee, and a loss of insulation efficiency.

Other benefits are a safer working environment around the Yankee as the heat emitted from the heads will be almost non existent and the shields prevent accidental water spraying on the heads. Crown profile changes are expected to be minimal and usually does not requiring any change to what you have now but FEA programmes will analyse this more accurately, at worst we believe it may involve some minor additional dubbing on the suction press roll. We can utilise your maintenance team or local contactors under our supervision for installation and still guarantee the equipment.

  • A typical cover thickness would be 1.5mm
  • The material we use for our covers is Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel sub frame secured to the Yankee heads
  • Typical thickness of insulation is 25mm
  • Are there access holes for inspections and dryer entry?  Yes
  • A typical section weight would be 25/50Kgs depending on Yankee Dia. ( e.g. 12ft around 25 Kgs)
  • Typical installation time is 48 hours but this can be improved