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Technical Services - Head to Shell Corrosion Upgrades

Interface corrosion is a very serious condition that can cause a catastrophic failure:

  • Otherwise known as Head/shell or crevice corrosion is where the head to shell joint on a Yankee rusts and jacks open the joint.
  • The phenomenon was first identified in 1985, and has caused approximately 20 Yankees to be taken out of service.

The problem has been designed out on new Yankees. However, older design Yankees can be upgraded to eliminate the problem IF it is identified in the early stages.

The upgrade procedure has been completely successful, and All Yankees with the upgraded joint have had interface corrosion completely stopped.

    52 Yankees upgraded since 1992. The procedure to upgrade the joint is:
  • Machine the heads back.
  • Bore out the existing bolt holes.
  • Install new larger bolts and re-seal the joints.
  • Grind shell.