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Regenerative Testing Solution Regenerative Testing Solution Regenerative Testing Solution

Testing Solutions

We provide automation solutions to increase performance and profitability to the Automotive, Locomotive, Naval and Aerospace sectors. Using our knowledge and expertise we can create the industrial solution that you may be looking for.

Walmsleys India is an Approved DRDO – Defense R & D Organization. This gives us eligibility to participate directly in projects with DRDO establishments all over India.

Safety critical mechatronic developments are undertaken following proven, safety critical development life cycles. Our robust and effective safety critical development life cycle has been ingrained into our engineers, and is encompassed within our company working practices.

We can supply various mechatronic solutions:

  • IC Engines Testing Solutions
  • Traction Motor Test Rigs
  • Generator Test Rigs
  • Testing solutions for Rotary Equipments with Regenerative of Non-Regenerative braking dynamometers
  • Real Time data Acquisition systems and MIS
  • Industrial/Naval/Aerospace Motor Test Rigs
  • Electric Actuator Test Rigs
  • Mechanical Transmission Test Rigs
  • Refurbishment/Retrofit of existing Test Rigs

We can also supply the following solutions to the Automobile Industry:

6 DOF Simulator
  • Event data recorders
  • Testing solutions for Automobile ancillaries, components and sub-systems
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Solar Radiation Simulation
  • DOF Simulators