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Technical & Site Services

Walmsleys offer a myriad of Industrial Technical Services from Machinery Audits to Breakdown Repairs. Our Site Services Team provide complete services throughout the life cycle of your equipment from the installation to the maintenance and upgrading of existing equipment.

With Performance Audits our engineers will gather all of the relavent machine design data, current machine operating status and process information. We will the analyse all of the findings, and our aim is to provide an expert review of the Machine status, and present the findings before our engineer leaves site. We will then prepare the documentation which will offer various solutions for problems, or technical improvements and recommendations, with the aim being to improve production or product quality, or to reduce maintenance and downtime.

To date we have performed many technical services all over the world, from smaller entrpreneurial companies to large corporate clients. These services have proved to be financially beneficial to our customers, and therefore an important part of our business portfolio.

  • Machine Safety Audit
  • CE Survey/Audit
  • Vibration Survey and Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Optical Alignment Survey
  • Pressure Vessel Inspection/Re-rate
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing - MPI & UT)
  • Installation of New Equipment
  • Replacement of failed/outdated Equipment (including breakdown repair work)