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Cable Helix Winding Machine
Cable Helix Winding Machine

Umbilical Layup Machines

Walmsleys has designed and built a Cable Winding Machine for the manufacture of subsea umbilical cables. These umbilical cable making machines are capable of winding multiple electrical, optical and data cables together with steel tubes and thermoplastic hose for air, gas etc into one large umbilical cable. Umbilicals form the critical link between a subsea production arrangement and a remote facility providing control, power, communications and chemical services. Applications include production control, chemical injection, subsea pumping and processing, gas lift and underground gas storage among others.

Application of Umbilical functions may include: FPAL registered company

  • Steel tube and/or thermoplastic hose fluid conduits to provide hydraulic control and chemical injection service
  • Low voltage electrical power and communications provided via signal cables, fibre optic cables and power conductors
  • Medium voltage electrical power conductors Chemical injection lines for use in corrosion inhibition and prevention of wax and scale build-up
  • Large bore centre tubes for bulk chemical injection or gas lift functions