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Press Releases

Low resolution PDF versions of our Press releases, can be found in the table below. Please select the year and then scroll down the press releases. If you are unable to read the press releases please download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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Investment in new Premises
Walmsleys Limited, the Chorley-based engineering design company for the paper making industry, has relocated to larger premises in response to business growth. Since its launch in 2006, Walmsleys has successfully managed to rapidly increase its client portfolio in the UK, Europe and across Asia. With its own fully "R‟ stamp accredited processes, Walmsleys is set to continue to grow......

YDS - Full Bolt Upgrade in North America
Walmsleys Technical Services team under the guidance of Geoff Tonge (Technical Services Manager); have recently completed a Full Bolt upgrade and Leak seal for one of our prestigious customers in North America. Our "R‟ stamp accredited process, makes us unique in this field.......

Design Orders for 2 Paper Machines in India
Walmsleys Limited has received two separate orders to supply the full Layout and Design Engineering for two Paper Machines in India. The two machines, one for Bindal Papers and the other for Rana Paper, both in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh are very similar in design.......

Walmsleys Yankee Dryer Services have achieved a record turnover with major rebuilds coming from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia and the UK. Our customers like our newly designed condensate systems that can be effectively retro-fitted to any grooved Yankee Dryer, and have reported reduced steam system consumption of 15% with CD moisture profile variation reduced by 65%.

Walmsleys Technical Services department has a group of engineers specialising in the relocation and refurbishment of paper machinery. “Our relocation engineers work side by side with our design engineering staff so that we can offer a full turnkey relocation and refurbishment package” . . . says Keith Parnell, Director of Engineering.......

Walmsleys have just shipped their first Dilution Controlled Headbox including critical top former elements to a customer in Northern India. This is the first of two very similar machine projects. Certain internal flow control elements . . . specifically developed by Walmsleys were supplied by a US company for assembly into the Headbox prior to shipment........