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ISO Certified

Quality Management Policy

Walmsleys Limited aims to develop long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers, working closely on project development to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to deliver zero defects, first class service and highly competitive prices.

This will involve training all employees to ensure effective teamwork and environmental awareness. By sharing the responsibility for total quality management system, we will ensure that continuous improvement and innovation are fundamental to our future success.

Walmsleys Limited is an ISO certified company, and is also FPAL registered predominantly for work in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Environmental Policy

Wherever we operate around the world we accept our responsibility to manage our activities in such a way that reduces their impact on the environment to a practicable minimum.

Through training, monitoring and good practice, the company is committed to:

To fulfill our policy we:

  • Minimisation of process waste through reduction and recycling initiatives
  • Prevention of pollution and minimisation of fugitive and process emissions to air, water and land. Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • Compliance with the requirements of all operating licenses and consents
  • Continual improvement by regular review of its procedures, objectives, targets and envionmental performance
  • Communication of its philosophy to its employees, customers, suppliers and the public. Minimisation of use of water, energy and non-renewable resources
These policies are endorsed by the directors and senior management of the company, and are supported by all employees.