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Paper Machine Relocation and Refurbishment

When it comes to the relocation of high-value Paper Machines, Walmsleys are the only company with considerable OEM based engineering expertise. We have experienced considerable growth with our Paper Machine Relocation business due to our ability to identify the need for, and to develop, and provide specialist tailored services.

At Walmsleys, we have experience of the installation, removal and relocation of paper making machines. We have worked with original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) and end-user’s throughtout the world. Our fully qualified and experienced team consists of engineers with OEM and field service engineering backgrounds led by experienced supervisors, we are prepared for all your moving requirements. Our comprehensive service includes a full site survey, a detailed plan and schedule for activities, full safety assessments and machine installations. Additionally we can co-ordinate and manage your machine move with other services such as export packing and freighting.

Relocating a single machine, can be a major upheaval and disruption for our clients. Minimising disruption is our guiding principle for every relocation project. We know you will judge its success by how well your company is able to keep production going throughout the operation. Planning is fundamentally critical, and time spent on the pre-move planning is never time wasted. Our many years of relocation experience means we can advise you of the most effective sequence of moving machines, stock and related materials.

At Walmsleys we fully recognise that the very nature of our business can mean that there are potential hazards for people on-site. In addition to the very human cost of an accident, there is the loss of time, production, money and reputation to consider. That’s why it is of paramount importance that we do all we can to reduce the risk of accidents to your employees and ours, to site visitors, members of the public and other sub-contractors.

Walmsleys expertise in Paper Machine engineering makes us the ideal partner for this service.

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