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ROV Module Skid System
Moonpool Chutes

Back-deck Mounted Systems

ROV Skidding System

  • We design and build deck mounted ROV module skidding systems, to allow for easy manouevring and attaching of ROV modules
FPAL registered company

ROV and Deck Equipment / Framework

  • ROV framework (Aluminium and Steel) to fit your model of ROV
  • Deck Grillages, Sea Fastenings, alumminium walkways and stairwells


  • Moonpool Deployment Chutes
    We have designed and built special chutes designed to articulate from a parked position for safety whilst moving, and then lower into an operating position, for when stationary. These chutes allow ships that are not specifically designed Umbilical laying and retieval to be used for this application.
  • Overboarding Chutes
    Overboarding Chutes are used to deploy or retrieve the product from the vessel, whilst ensuring that the product is not damaged during this process. Our chutes are designed with a choice of roller or plate contact surface. All of our chutes are bespoke designs and are specific for the application.