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Forming Section

Twin Wire Forming

  • Complete new machine sections, Upgrades and Rebuilds
  • High speed forming zones
  • High vacuum boxes

Walmsleys has wide experience of twin wire (gap) formers running on some of the best-performing machines in the world. Some older designs, such as the BelBaie II and III, have all the dewatering elements inside one wire loop. These formers can be rebuilt to give more even-sided dewatering. Other possible improvements include the addition of a high vacuum box after the suction couch, and a variety of other modifications to improve cleanliness and water handling.

Fourdrinier Forming - Multi-wire

  • Complete Sections, Upgrades and Enhanced Drainage
  • Completely cantilevered

Walmsleys can offer the latest in Forming based on established designs using Multi-Wire Technology. These types of Formers have been used on a number of Walmsey Machines supplied over the years, and are operating on many of the high speed references throughout the industry. These types of Former can be applied across the basis weight range on all grades, from tissue to heavy board.