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Size Press

The primary benefits of a Walmsleys Metering Size Press are uniform starch/coating application, opportunities for reduction in sheet breaks, increased production and differential application.

  • We can supply the following items:
    • Metering Size Presses, Puddle Design
    • Complete Sections, Upgrades and Enhancements
    • Air Turn units, Bowed Rolls

Metering Size Press technology begins with the pre-metering onto each applicator roll in an inclined two roll arrangement. A film is applied to the applicator rolls through a metering head by means of hydrodynamic and/or volumetric metering theory.

  • Other Advantages of the Walmsleys Size Press :
    • Designed for clean running & operation
    • Ease of access for operators
    • Easy to clean up & wash down
    • Rapid rod & rod holder replacement
    • Quick release rod drive couplings
    • Housings prepared for vibration transducers
    • State of the art Cover technology
    • Quick roll change facility
    • Easy operation through HMI screen
    • Thermally compensated applicator heads
    • Simple to operate edge wipes
    • Lip seals on Applicator roll bearing housings
    • Housings prepared for vibration transducers