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Walmsleys offer a full array of major machine rolls. Our engineers have a wealth of experience, in principle, roll design, based utilising today’s advancements.

From low maintenance Suction Rolls to highly loaded Press Rolls. Precision coater backing Rolls, Applicator Rolls and Load Cell Paper Rolls. Walmsleys can design and offer “low cost” manufacture.

  • Fabric Rolls and Reel Spools
  • Walmsleys fabric rolls and reel spools are built to the highest standards. All rolls are balanced to G1.0 or better, and designed to run below 80% of their critical speed. For sensitive applications, half-critical vibrations can be eliminated or avoided. A wide range of specialist covers and coatings can be applied. Walmsleys rolls can also be built with quick-change heads for ease of maintenance.

  • Press Rolls
  • Walmsleys engineers have designed some of the world’s largest press rolls, 75 tonnes. Granite rolls have been replaced by Synthetic covered cast iron/steel rolls and Walmsleys have an impressive reference list.

  • Suction Rolls
  • Walmsleys has the expertise to design and supply Suction Rolls for all applications from slow running narrow width machines to the widest and fastest operating machines. Over the years our Engineers have been responsible for the design of hundreds of Suction Rolls that are successfully operating throughout the world. Features include stainless steel internals, nickel plated front journals, bearing monitoring and oscillation cleaning showers. Walmsleys can also service and rework Suction Rolls to the customer’s changing requirements.

  • CC Rolls
  • Walmsleys can design and support hydro-dynamic CC Rolls.