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Reel Equipment

  • Complete Sections, Upgrades and Enhancements
  • Centre-wind Assist, Air turn-ups
  • Pneumatic to Hydraulic conversions
  • Autospool Loading

Walmsleys reels are built to incorporate control over the key reeling parameters. All loadings are hydraulically actuated, and control systems give the operators the ability to build a jumbo to high specifications, following a nip curve during the building to ensure the optimum wound-in tension at all points.

Primary arm nip relief adjusts the applied nip as the primary arms rotate, compensating for the changing position of the building spool. Programmed secondary arm loading gives a soft transition from primary to secondary arms, and alters the applied load to compensate for the changes in force geometry during the building process. The reel can be built with or without overhead storage and automatic spool loading.

Reel Control Rebuilds: Badly controlled reels are frequently the cause of a significant loss of paper. Walmsleys can improve the performance of your existing reel, without large amounts of new equipment. The switch to hydraulic loading of both primary and secondary arms allows for close control over the winding nip, one of the key parameters in reeling a good jumbo. With primary arm nip relief, the nip is fully controlled from turn-up to ejection. In particular, this control adjusts the applied load during the primary arms rotation and during the secondary arm loading. This removes the creasing often associated with this 'cycle period', and can allow unwinding virtually down to there spool. Centre-wind drive systems take the reeling drive away from the nip, a major cause of jumbo defects on coated grades.

Overhead Storage System

The reel spool overhead storage system is designed to reduce demands on the dry-end crane and to reduce the operating stresses on the reel equipment when spools are loaded into the primary arms. It consists of rugged framework, which sits over the sheet run up to the reel drum, support rails, spool loading and indexing assistance equipment and driven arms to lower the spool into the reel.