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Dryer Section

  • Complete Sections, Upgrades and Enhancements
  • Drying Cylinders, Re-rates, Drying Calculations
  • PV Rolls, Vacuum Boxes, Blow Boxes
  • Vacuum turning rolls, Sheet stabilisation, Sheet transfer
  • Fabric cleaning, Optimised steam systems, Tail threading and Cutting systems

The dryer section is often the limiting component of the paper machine, in terms of production rate, speed, and efficiency. Fortunately, many straightforward rebuilds exist that improve the performance of the dryer section. These include full or partial felt drive systems that remove the need for ‘old’ gearing systems, sheet stabilisation configurations such as single tier that reduce breaks and improve efficiency; also the adding of dryers into redundant spaces to increase output. New sections can be of modular, simplistic design with easy maintenance.