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PDMWorks Consulting


The services we offer include:

    Automate check in of legacy data

  • Check In and set PartNumber and Description dynamically
  • Automate Project creation

  • Allowing all users the ability to create sub-projects can make vault structure messy
  • Project creation can be disabled and projects created with a custom interface controlled by a logon
  • Multiple projects can be created at the same time
  • Results in a very organised vault structure
  • Company standards and error checking can be enforced
  • Add more control to lifecycles

  • Add more control to permissions of who can change lifecycles and to which lifecycles they can change i.e. Allow designers to change a component to REVISION but not to ISSUED
  • Clean up and manage properties

  • Ensure all number fields match file name
  • Tidy up character case to suit company standards
  • Simple view/print applications

  • View/print console without the need to purchase web viewer
  • much simpler inferface more suited to a print console
  • customisable to suit department/application of print console